The preschool admits children aged 2-5 years. All programs and activities are made available to all students at the school. We offer a potty training program for a small additional fee.

Admission Interview

Before we enroll a student, we would prefer to meet with both parents and the child. We do not discriminate against children with emotional or physical handicaps. Each child will be considered on an individual basis based on the child's ability to benefit from our program and how the child will adapt and integrate into the culture of the school.

Classroom Observation

Parents are encouraged to observe children at work. Arrangements must be made with the Director of the school to schedule visitations. All observations are “passive” in order to maintain the classroom’s order and effectiveness and all observers must refrain from interacting with the children. The goal of observation is to witness what takes place in the classroom without the observer in the room as the class actually functions. Classroom observations are the basis for all communication with family explanations in parent meetings, discussions in parent conferences, or recommended readings can all only go so far in helping parents and families understand and appreciate how the Montessori Method is implemented in the classrooms.

Admission conditions

Each child is admitted on a probationary period for three months. In rare cases, we may ask a parent to withdraw their child from school because of severe behavioral problems. We also pay close attention to parents and will give preference to those parents who take an active interest in their child's education at the school, can devote sufficient time to their child's needs and is willing to listen to suggestions and implement a program of action for the development of their child.

Above all, we are looking for parents who can provide a loving and nurturing home lenvironment, take responsibility for bringing their child to school at a consistent time, pay attention to their food and clothing requirements and are responsive to the needs of their child at school.


Admission Forms

Parents must complete all the forms in the enrollment section. These are pdf forms so you can type in all the information, save a copy for your records and bring us a printed hard copy with complete signature on all forms. These forms are mandatory state regulated forms and must be filled out completely.

Financial Obligation

Please see our fees schedule, terms and conditions under fees. Prompt payment of tuition is a pre-requisite for attendance.


Parent Teacher Conferences

There shall be regularly scheduled parent/teacher conferences. These meetings shall take the form of private conferences and shall be held at least once a year. Additional conferences regarding specific matters may be scheduled at the request of the parents or teachers at any time throughout the year.

Optional Lunch Program

The school offers a catered lunch program. Check fees section for the price.

School Pictures

School pictures are taken once a year.

Sleeping Facilities

The law requires us to provide sleeping facilities for children under 5 years of age. However we have sleeping facilities available for all children. Parents to supply and keep one (1) cot sheet and one (1) blanket for your child. These are taken home every Friday, washed and returned on the following Monday.


In the event of an accident or sudden onset of illness the school will not hesitate to seek proper care for a child. The child’s individual emergency instructions on file in the School office are consulted immediately and the parents are called. If necessary the child will be transported to a hospital emergency room by the police or fire departments, or by private ambulance carrier. Consent statements signed by parents will accompany the child so that treatment can be given immediately. It is IMPERATIVE that PARENTS keep emergency contact information up-to-date.


It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure a sufficient supply of extra clothes, blankets, diapers and diaper supplies are available as applicable and provided sufficiently. Please make sure that all items are marked with a non toxic marker and remain readable as identification frequently becomes difficult. As clothes are outgrown, replacements need to be made and marked again.


If a child is misbehaving, a parent will be asked to take their child home for part of the day or a couple of days. Parents will then be asked to attend a parent teacher conference to address any behavioral issues. After this, the child will be monitored carefully and if there is no improvement in his or her behavior then the Director of the school based on his/her opinion may terminate your child from the school. Failure to pay tuition or late payment will also be grounds for dismissal from the school.

Special Notes

Community Care representatives have the right to interview children and to review their records maintained at the school at any time. Teachers are required to report child abuse by law.