CLASS 3 (AGE 4-5)


This class is our finishing class that prepares them for first grade. Students learn and practice their writing skills. They are introduced to more complex mathematical concepts such as addition, multiplication, division and subtraction. In terms of language development students start putting three letter words together and reading sentences. Students continue to learn continents, flags, the names of US States, World Atlas, Botany, Computers and advanced Spanish.


Writing skills,   Addition/Subtraction,  The numerals and counters,   Memory game with numerals and counters,   Linear counting,   Short bead stair, Teen Board: Quantity, symbols Number rods teen presentation,   Ten boards: Quantity, symbols Addition with the stamp game Subtraction with the stamp game,   Geography – Land, Water and Air Land and water forms. Globe land and water Land and water: 2 & 3 dimensions,l Mapping: Hand, Body, Classroom, and Community Continents, flags and name all US states,   Directions North, South, East, West, Computers including Apple iPad reading exercises, sorting, pattern recognition, advanced math including stamp game 4 digit addition,  Advanced Spanish,   Zoology : Parts of the animal Fish, Amphibian Reptile Dinosaur Bird.